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Best Choc Chip Raspberry Cookie Sandwich

We’ve teamed up with Sweet Lion Heart to celebrate our second birthday and they shared their Best cookie sandwich recipe with us.

Makes approx 10 cookie sammiches (depending on the cookie cutter you use)


Choc Chip Custard Cookie
170g salted butter, softened
65g icing sugar, sifted
2.5ml vanilla extract
175g cake flour, sifted
65g custard powder
Pinch of  Himalayan salt
60g 70% Dark chocolate, chopped into small bits

150g white chocolate, chopped
30g salted butter, cut into cubes
60ml cream
5ml white powder food colouring, sifted
pink powder food colouring, sifted

You will also need
Raspberry Jam
Sprinkle mix of your choice
2 piping bags
3-4mm round nozzle

For the ganache (make this the day before):

Place your chocolate and cubed butter into a heat-proof bowl. Heat the cream until just about to boil and remove from the heat. Pour the warm cream over your chocolate and butter and allow to stand for a few minutes.

Sprinkle the white powder food colouring over the chocolate/cream mix. Using a stick blender emulsify the ganache until smooth. If the ganache has lumps stick the entire bowl into the microwave and warm in 10 second bursts until lump-free. Emulsify again with the stick blender.

Add the pink powder food colouring until you've got the desired shade pink you're going for! Cover the bowl of ganache with cling film, making sure it touches the surface of your ganache. Keep at room temperature to firm up to a pipe-able consistency, preferably overnight.

For the cookies:

In a mixing bowl using a hand mixer, stand mixer or by hand (if you don't have any mixers) cream the softened butter, icing sugar and vanilla together until light and fluffy.

Add the cake flour, custard powder, salt and chocolate chips to the creamed mixture. Mix together just until a dough has formed.

Working between 2 sheets of baking paper, roll out the cookie dough to 5mm thick and cut out your shapes with your desired cookie cutter. We're working with a custom-made BEST 'B' cutter. Once cut out, place the cookies onto a baking tray lined with baking paper making sure to space them out about 1.5cm apart. Place the cookies in the fridge for 30 minutes before baking - this helps them keep their shape better while baking - the longer they're chilled the better!

Preheat the oven to 180°C. Once sufficiently chilled place the cookie tray in the oven and bake until cookies are a light golden colour - about 30 minutes.

Place the baked cookies on a wire rack to cool completely before assembling.

To assemble:

Place a few spoonfuls of ganache into a piping pag fitted with a 3-4mm round nozzle. Prepare a piping bag with a couple of spoonfuls of raspberry jam in the meantime too. Using the piping bag filled with ganache, pipe borders along the edges of your cookies and fill with raspberry jam. Sandwich a cookie on top and place in the fridge to set for 10 minutes. Once all your cookies are filled, sandwiched and setting in the fridge pour your sprinkle mix into a shallow bowl. Remove the set cookie sandwiches from the fridge and roll the edges of the cookies in the sprinkle mix.

Place onto a cute serving plate and enjoy!

*Keep refrigerated and bring to room temp to serve. Best served within 2 days of sandwiching

Size Guide

We want you to be entirely satisfied with the way your ring fits. That means we need a little help from you before you choose your size.

Step One

Take a piece of string and wrap it around the base of your finger.

Step Two

Using a pen, mark the point on the string where the end meets.

Step Three

Using a ruler, measure this length in mm.

Step Four

Match your measurement to the table below.

Extra Tips

Don’t forget to allow for enough room to get the ring over your knuckle.

Remember that all of your fingers probably have different measurements. Make sure you measure the specific finger you are buying the ring for.

To be 100% sure, measure your finger at the end of the day. That’s when it is most likely to be at its largest.

US 6
51.9mm circumference
US 7
54.4mm circumference
US 8
57mm circumference