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Best Questions with Anico Mostert

Covering the virtues of boredom, colour-coordinated loungewear, and her first artwork.

Anico Mostert is a multi-disciplinary artist living in Cape Town. Her bold work celebrates the quiet in-between moments, and we celebrate her as she gives us a peek into her world.

In an episode of Bear, a chef asks what he believes is a difficult question to another chef: "Delicious or impressive?" Without a beat, the answer is delivered: "Delicious is impressive."

And so it is with Anico Mostert's art. Intuitive, skillful, and mysterious, the ordinary is captured with reverence, and one can't help but be moved. However, there is a playfulness in her works, with titles that are a toss-up between stanzas and Instagram captions, like "Circle of love", "I'm hungry", and "The Sky is Beautiful But We Are Tired". There are many rewards for being young and talented, but firmly straddling both the timeless and the zeitgeist is perhaps one of the more interesting ones to observe. Much like her work, speaking to her has reminded us to seek out the beauty in the ordinary, and we hope you feel the same.

(Anico wears Sasha Earrings in Silver)

Did you always know you wanted to be an artist?
I don’t think I ever thought that it would become what I do full-time, but it's pretty crazy that it turned out that way. I always knew I liked making things, but I wasn’t always sure what that would look like. I'm very happy that I can paint every day and call it a job! How nice.

How has your art changed over time?
It changes all the time! Sometimes the change is subtle, and other times it’s pretty clear and obvious. When I was studying, I made a lot of videos/prints and tried to work with them in installations then, when I was back in the real world again, I started painting.

Describe a real-life situation that has inspired your art.
I feel like my everyday life inspires my art. Even the boring parts of it. My friends, people I meet, and things I see and hear all make their way into the paintings.

What is your favorite artwork you have ever created?
I make a lot of work on paper, and those are often my favourites because they are quick/ spontaneous, and I feel like they have strong personalities. One of my favourites is ‘No bird’, a painting of a bird that is saying no.

What was the first piece of art you ever created?
When I was in pre-school, my mom made me wear uncomfortable pants to school, and that day I painted a black flower. I believe that was the first artwork.

What is a medium you love but don’t often use?
Ceramics. Who doesn’t love a beautiful object that can also be functional?

If you want to feel great, what is the one item you always turn to and find yourself wearing? What makes it so special to you?
I have a few jewellery pieces that are very, very special to me. They are sentimental, and I feel naked and weird when I don’t wear them. I also LOVE a big scarf in the winter! It makes me feel safe and secure.

What habit/ritual do you do each day to keep you sane?
Morning coffee is a very special part of my day because it allows me a moment to prepare for the rest of the day mentally.

When do you feel like your Best self?
Clean, showered, comfortable clothes, and no admin waiting for me. Colour-coordinated loungewear also makes me feel great!

Size Guide

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Step One

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Step Two

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Step Three

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Step Four

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Extra Tips

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